Rupture Disks
Heastern Industries now carries ex-stock a wide range of extruder rupture disc asssemblies.

Extruder rupture disc asssemblies are pressure relief devices designed for overpressure protection of Polymer / Plastic Extruder machines.

The extruder rupture disc asssemblies’ are essentially a stainless steel threaded tubular body with an Inconel 600 rupture disc welded to the process end. The extruder rupture disc assemblies instantaneously rupture at a specific predetermined pressure range, thus acting as a safety relief valve. The extruder rupture disc asssemblies are often used as the primary relief in applications where pressure buildup can occur very rapidly.

The extruder rupture disc assemblies are relatively low cost, and protect the extruder barrel from excess pressure buildups.

In situations with no overpressure relief protection, expensive damage can result, such as screen fixing bolts breaking under stress etc.

The extruder rupture disc assemblies is normally mounted directly to the extruder through an existing pressure port or thermocouple well where critical pressures are experienced.

Fitting the extruder rupture disc assemblies:

It is important that extruder rupture disc assemblies’ are mounted flush with the inner wall of the extruder barrel. (If the burst disc is set back from the inner wall of the extruder barrel, a pocket area for polymer build-up and hardening occurs, that renders the extruder rupture disc asssemblies ineffective) Finally, extruder rupture disc assemblies’ come in burst pressure ranges are from 1500 - 15,000 PSIG.

The extruder rupture disc assemblies are of an intrinsically safe design, easy to install, are leak-tight, with a low ongoing maintenance cost.
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