Services offered, provided and supplied by HEASTERN INDUSTRIES comprise:-

* Instrumentation product supply , design, commissioning and hand-over.
* We specialise in "hard-to-find" product sourcing, and solutions.
* Small project work, including the design of a control or monitoring system, supply of all the instrumentation and maybe other hardware too, installation, commissioning and final calibration prior to hand-over.
* Ongoing technical backup and support to already supplied equipment and instrumentation.
* Calibration services. Both on-site as well as in our workshops, with issuance of Calibration & Test Reports.
* Repairs to all brands of Instrumentation - both our own supplied brands, as well as to existing installed equipment supplied by others.
* Spare parts supply and procurement.
* TRAINING of clients personnel - both technical maintenance persons, as well as Operators , in the use and maintenance of their equipment.
* Upgrades to existing equipment, to meet the demands of production, health & safety regulations or to replace obsolesce.
* SPECIAL technical support with solutions - to situations of a changing manufacturing environment , compliance requirements or just general plant machinery upgrades and modernisation.
* SOFTWARE UPGRADES and backup support ( sometimes includes recovery of lost data ) - to both newly purchased equipment, as well as to an existing or upgraded installation. .

The object of our SERVICES and SUPPORT program, is to allow industry to buy their Plant Automation Instrumentation from HEASTERN INDUSTRIES, with the knowledge that HEASTERN is around to assist them run their plants efficiently, safely and cost effectively.

HEASTERN's Technical Services Support, be it ON-SITE CALIBRATION, REPAIRS, OR equipment MODIFICATION and UPGARDES, allows factory clients to PRODUCE A COST EFFECTIVE, CONSISTENT & QUALITY PRODUCT EFFICIENTLY ---- with minimal wastage, and minimal human intervention.
We make it possible for our clients to meet their QA requirements - with minimal hassle.
Press Releases
Heastern Industries of Blackburn (Melbourne) have a comprehensive range of Panel Mounting 1/8 DIN (96 x 48mm) Loop Powered Meters. The newest edition is the low cost DATEXEL DAT-8050 4-digit LED Process Indicator. Being loop powered, DATEXEL DAT-8050 4-digit LED Process Indicator can be placed in series with any 4-20mA plant process signal - and give a local indication to operators, engineers and factory management of ...more
HEASTERN Industries has announced a range of temperature thermocouple connectors in standard and miniature sizes. Both are available in high temperature (650degC) ceramic constructions, fibre-glass filled polyester (380degC), or ABS plastic to 160degC continuous operation. The use of thermocouple connectors of an appropriate alloy material eliminates any measurement error due to interconnection mismatches or uncompensated cold-junctions ...more