DAT8050 Loop Powered Indicator
Heastern Industries of Blackburn (Melbourne) have a comprehensive range of Panel Mounting 1/8 DIN (96 x 48mm) Loop Powered Meters.

The newest edition is the low cost DATEXEL DAT-8050 4-digit LED Process Indicator.

Being loop powered, DATEXEL DAT-8050 4-digit LED Process Indicator can be placed in series with any 4-20mA plant process signal – and give a local indication to operators, engineers and factory management of the exact state of their process.

Scaling is made in any engineering units within the range -1999 to +9999 via push button configuration (No tools required). Selectable decimal point and lo/hi error messages are standard.

Being an LED display, the DATEXEL DAT-8050 4-digit LED Process Indicator is more visible in factory applications.
Press Releases
HEASTERN Industries has announced a new unique head-mounting loop-powered (4-20 mA output) transmitter for pH electrodes with precise temperature compensation. The design (hockey puck style) will allow direct mounting into a standard IP65 (thermocouple style) head assembly. All pH electrodes, being high impedance devices, produce a millivolt (mV) output signal, proportional to the measured pH. This signal (mV) is not ideal for many applications (such as process control on effluent run offmonitoring, etc.), where the pH sensor is mounted quite some distance from the final monitoring/control instruments. ...more
The rugged yet sleek Non-contact Infrared Temperature Calibration Checker offers a fast, low cost and highly accurate way to ensure infrared temperature sensors are operating within calibration limits, either in the lab or on the shop floor. Two models are available offering two different calibration temperatures. The FTK 95 heats up to 95degC, and the FTK 120 goes to 120degC. FTK 95 and FTK 120 reach and stabilise at these temperatures in approximately 12 minutes and have an LED to show when they are up to the correct temperature. ...more