Thermocouple Connectors & Accessories
HEASTERN Industries has announced a range of temperature thermocouple connectors in standard and miniature sizes. Both are available in high temperature (650ºC) ceramic constructions, fibre-glass filled polyester (380ºC), or ABS plastic to 160ºC continuous operation.

The use of thermocouple connectors of an appropriate alloy material eliminates any measurement error due to interconnection mismatches or uncompensated cold-junctions.

All connectors are either ANSI MC96.1 or IEC 584 colour coded. The connectors are available in standard and miniature sizes in panel mounting or in-line styles. Polarised connector pins guarantee correct electrical and polarity fits.

They are compatible with all other makes of equivalent thermocouple connectors and are available in duplex styles and special colours. PCB mount miniature thermocouple sockets are also available. These are designed for direct mounting onto printed circuit boards used in temperature instruments.

Multi-way panels and accessories such as cable clamps, relief washers and grommets, compression tube adaptors, and braze-on adaptors are all standard across the range.
Press Releases
HEASTERN Industries has announced an extensive new range of thin film platinum resistance temperature detectors (PT100s) made in Europe. There are essentially three basic forms of platinum RTD construction; Thin film on a ceramic, Ceramic wire wound tubular, or Glass wire wound tubular. Platinum is used in these RTD temperature sensors, as it is best suited for precise temperature measurement in preference to other metals and alloys, due to its chemical inertness. ...more
The rugged yet sleek Non-contact Infrared Temperature Calibration Checker offers a fast, low cost and highly accurate way to ensure infrared temperature sensors are operating within calibration limits, either in the lab or on the shop floor. Two models are available offering two different calibration temperatures. The FTK 95 heats up to 95degC, and the FTK 120 goes to 120degC. FTK 95 and FTK 120 reach and stabilise at these temperatures in approximately 12 minutes and have an LED to show when they are up to the correct temperature. ...more