Electronic crane safety load limiter
HEASTERN Industries has announced a cost-effective solution for crane safety overload systems - the LT800 series easy-fit rope clamp device, manufactured by Loadtech.

Designed to accommodate rope sizes from 9mm to 30mm, the LT800 series crane load limiter clamps on to the rope or cable of a lifting device using only 2 bolts.

It is easily attached near the rope anchor point (dead end) or compensating sheave wheel (non-moving ropes), making it suitable for installing on new and existing cranes or winches.

As the load is applied, the transducer detects the tension in the cable or rope and converts it into a mV/V output signal. This signal is a standard loadcell output (with a nominal rating of 1-2mV/V), which connects to any conventional loadcell instrumentation.

The LT800 series is manufactured from annodised aluminium, and features IP66 protection to ensure long operational life in indoor or outdoor applications. Its unique design also allows a hydraulic hose to be fitted over the cable to protect it from mechanical damage.

The function of the LT800 series is to detect and prevent crane or hoist overload conditions. Should the hoist or crane operator attempt to lift a load greater than the ratings of that particular equipment, an overload limit relay will inhibit the hoist lift circuitry (of the winch), but allow for the lowering of the crane hook load.

Heastern Industries, in addition, can supply associated load cell monitoring instruments, indicators, recorders, alarm and trip modules that complement the LT800 series.
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