DAT3580 Communication Converter
Heastern Industries has released the DAT3580-USB, the new isolated communication converter from DATEXEL.

Many laptops have phased out the inclusion of COM-ports (RS-232) as standard features, restricting their use with many existing communications products. The DAT3580-USB provides asynchronous data interfacing between USB and serial line RS-485 (or RS-422) communication systems.

The interface incorporates galvanic isolation, separating the power supply, USB connection and RS-485 connection, from one another and effectively removing ground-loop effects. A baud rate of up to 115.2Kbps as well as multipoint connection for 32 modules can be achieved.

All of this can be achieved in a compact 22.5mm thin-line profile, DIN rail mountable housing, manufactured from a hard, self-extinguishing plastic.
Press Releases
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