Heastern Industries has launched a new range of TTM-200 series TOHO universal digital controllers featuring a fully scalable 5-digit display. Made in Japan, the high quality, cost-effective TOHO TTM-200 series digital controllers allow up to four separate inputs.

A new PID algorithm in the TTM-200 series of universal digital controllers improves controllability; in other words, the time taken to stabilise from a control start is drastically shortened. Equipped with a simple process control function, this versatile device can also be used as a simple program controller.

A standout feature in the TTM-200 series is the 5-digit display with interchangeable display colours of green, red or orange.

Key features of the TOHO TTM-200 series digital controllers include a soft-start function; easy-to-use delay timer; choice of compact depth sizes starting from 55mm with the TTM-204 model; and communication function (RS485/ MODBUS) extendable up to 500m with ability to connect up to 31 units simultaneously.

Press Releases
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