Digital Process Indicators, with relay output
HEASTERN Industries has announced the new range of 4-digit microprocessor-based digital panel meters by IQ Instrumentation.

These digital panel meters come in the industry standard panel cut-out size of 1/8 DIN (96 X 48mm front facia).

This versatile range of IQ4 digital displays accept a wide range of inputs such as:- ac or dc volts; all common thermocouple types, Pt100, Pt500 or Pt1000 as well as other process signals.

Optional extras include up to two setpoint relays, two internal power supplies and an isolated PV retransmission.

Power supplies and retransmit signals (outgoing) are current limited to prevent accidental damage to receiving instruments and other ancillary equipment.

All IQ4 DPM features are user programmable from the front panel including set points, relay hysteresis, relay response time and the IQ4 DPM calibration.

The signal (process) input (eg. 4~20mA) may be scaled to display in any engineering units, within the range -999 to +9999 - for direct reading.

Special firmware options are available on request including control functions and custom linearisation.

The 4~20mA input version IQ4-DPM with an on-board integral 24V dc power supply may be used with a wide range of loop-powered transmitters to provide economical monitoring and control of many industrial processes including level, flow, temperature, pH, and vibration.

For ease of maintenance, the whole instrument unplugs from its case without the necessity to disconnect any wiring.
Press Releases
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