Precision Liquid Level Controller
HEASTERN Industries has released its new generation of liquid level controllers, the model IQ-112 manufactured by IQ Instruments.

The controller is designed to control the level of (electrically) conductive liquids such as sewage, water, acids, alkalis, beverages, wine, milk, detergents, etc.

It operates using the conducting properties of liquids to complete an electrical circuit between an electrode and metal storage tanks.

For non-metal or coated tanks, the earth path may be positioned through the pump pipework, or an earth electrode may be fitted extending below the lowest active electrode.

These level controllers use a low voltage dc signal on the electrodes, which is reversed at a low frequency to minimise plating of the electrodes. This also allows for longer cable runs before cable capacitance has any effect (up to 500 metres).

The IQ-112 offers precise level detection with no deadband. Programmable to fill or empty tanks, thus protecting against dry running of pumps.

Two sensitivity ranges are provided, to enable the IQ-112 to be optimised for all applications, from effluent to distilled water.

Additionally, the DIN Rail mounting IQ-112 conductivity level controller can be used as a flow switch, detecting the presence of solution in pipelines or as a high/low alarm unit on tanks.

A wide selection of sensing electrodes is available, and the IQ-112 can operate off a power supply from 10V dc to 240V ac, making it suitable for remote site installations (eg: solar powered battery cells) or in a factory application off 240V ac mains power.
Press Releases
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