Heastern Industries have ex-stock in their range the TD240 HMI Indicator/Controller with integrated PLC "soft" functions.

The main visible feature of the TD240 HMI INDICATOR/CONTROLLER/PLC is its 320 X 240 pixel touch-screen TFT / LCD front display panel with a 3.5" - 256 bit colour display.

This device is most useful in a variety of applications such as :-
General Automation, Control & Measurement Applications, the Process Control and monitoring of general Automated Machinery, as a standalone controller, alarm monitor, logger of Building Automation systems, Food Processing & Chiller monitoring/controlling, Weighing Systems, Packaging & Food processing machinery - as can be seen, the TD240s uses are very extensive.

The TD240 allows an operator to visualise process data & images, indicates ALARMS, performs DATA LOGGING. Displays help messages & flashing instructional texts etc., as well as the alarms management of historical events. All process variables set points are accessible and adjustable through the touch screen.

Integral to the TD240 is an onboard programmable "mini" PLC. It is configurable in the same Ladder language as other DINRAIL mounted PLCs. The graphics is programmable in "TdDesigner", in "drag and drop" fashion.

The Memory Cards facility enables users to download firmware upgrades and preprogrammed changes to the device, speeding up the commissioning of the TD240 on new installations - as well as upgrades or changes to existing installations.

* Four configurable ANALOGUE INPUTS for all thermocouple types, RTDs, 0/4 - 20mA and 0 - 10v DC inputs
* Sixteen DIGITAL ports selectable as inputs / outputs

* 16 selectable as static 700mA outputs
* Also 4 analogue outputs 0 - 10V dc
* Modbus RTU master/slave

The TD240 ( made by PIXSYS of Italy) integrates this panel device for both visualisation of measured process variables into a complete hardware interface with 4 universal analog inputs, 16 programmable digital I/O and 4 analog outputs all in a single device (also allowing extra MCM260 modules to be added if any additional I/O is required).
It has programmable PLC characteristics which can be programmed with Pixsys PLprog, and by using TDdesigner, allowing the the graphics to also be programmable.

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