Ultra-compact pocket IR Thermometer
HEASTERN Industries has announced the release of an ultra-compact, feature-packed pocket infra-red thermometer, the Convir Pyropen.

Pyropen -- a true pocket instrument. This unit includes features such as the measurement of real-time temperatures from -20ºC to +500ºC with minimum and maximum temperature recording.

Other features include temperature hold, and differential temperature measurement (that is, the subtraction of one temperature reading from the subsequent temperature reading and displaying the nett difference).

In addition the Pyropen has an onboard temperature logging function, and comes complete with PC interface cable and associated software, for PC-based temperature data acquisition.

When in this mode, the infrared temperature scanner can be "locked" into the "on" position, for continuous measurement.

Key features are:

* Ultra compact design. Weighing only 50 grams and measuring 163 X 27 X 16mm the Convir Pyropen is a true pocket instrument.

* Temperature measurement over a wide range of -20ºC to +500°C with a narrow 10:1 Field-of-View.

* Has adjustable emissivity setting, selectable laser assisted aiming pointer, and RS232 data output inclusive.
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