Programmable Timer NT240
Heastern Industries now have available in their range, the NOVUS NT240 programmable digital timer.

This timer can easily be configured to switch at pre-programmed time intervals , activating an output according to a predefined mode of operation and user chosen time interval.
The output is both in relay [ SPST] as well as pulsed voltage [ 5V / 25 mA ], and is switched at pre-programmed intervals according to eleven different timing functions.
INPUT types NPN / PNP as well as digital NO / NC is standard - to perform specific desired contol timed functions.
The front dual 4-digit LED display shows the running time, elapsed time or time remaining - in resolutions from 0,01 sec to 99 hours.

Other features include :-
* Accuracy: 0,05% of displayed time
* Time base: 7 scales, from 99.99 seconds to 9999 hours
* UP or DOWN time counting (decimal or hour:minute:second)
* Power: 100 to 240 V AC or DC as well as 24V
* Operating environment: 5 to 50 degC, 30 to 80% humidity
* Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 110 mm. Panel cutout: 45.5 to 45.5mm
* Silicone rubber keypad
* Front panel: IP65, Polycarbonate UL94 V-2
* Rated CE and UL

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